Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA)

Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA) is a nonprofit humanitarian organization established to support community-driven development programs worldwide through partnerships that design and implement sustainable engineering projects, while creating transformative experiences that enrich global perspectives and create responsible leaders. EWB-USA's vision is a world in which the communities we serve have the capacity to sustainably meet their basic human needs. Today, more than two billion people lack access to the most basic things -- clean drinking water, adequate sanitation, reliable passage to local markets and more.

As a Member of EWB-USA

As a member of EWB-USA, EWB-UConn models its activities after its parent organization. Our personal focus is to provide UConn students with experiential educational opportunities by linking them with international engineering projects that benefit extremely disadvantaged communities world-wide. The goal of our work is to provide our members with valuable real-world skills, while giving the people we serve a better quality of life.

General Body Meeting Information

EWB UConn meets at 7pm every Tuesday remotely through Microsoft Teams.

The meeting link can be found here

New faces are always welcome!

Contact Us

UConn Engineering Without Borders
c/o Student Organization Center
University of Connecticut
Student Union, Room 218
2110 Hillside Road, U3061
Storrs, CT 06269-3061


Faculty Advisor

Dr. Jonathan Mellor
Castleman Building, Office 318
Storrs, CT 06269